Hi, I'm Justine.

My name is Justine (my friends call me ‘Just’) and I'm a 33 year old female from London, UK.

This is my blog where I offer my thoughts and practical tips based on my experiences both travelling abroad, and as a new mum. To get started have a browse through my posts below.

Koh Kradan: Thailand’s secret island paradise

You need to visit Thailand’s secret island paradise that very few people knew about, until now. Are you looking for clear blue skies, transparent sea which sparkles in the sun as multi-coloured fish swim by? Where all you can hear is silence apart from the sound of waves lapping against the pure white sand?  Welcome to […]

A Comprehensive guide to renting a condo in Chiang Mai, Thailand

If you follow this 5 step guide you should find a lovely condo that you can call home in less than a week.  You’re living the dream and moving to Chiang Mai. The thought of finding your own comfy condo fills you with excitement. Apart from it’s not that easy. In fact it’s really quite hard. […]
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