Pangkor Laut, Malaysia: Your own private island

If you want to experience your own slice of a private island but don’t have Richard Branson’s bank balance, then let me introduce you to PULAU Pangkor LAUT.

A five star luxury resort with bungalows standing up out of the turquoise sea, an award winning spa, eternity pools where you can gaze the day away, and staff to cater to your every whim. All only a few hours from Kuala Lumpur. This is Pangkor Laut island off the West coast of Malaysia.

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Boracay, Philippines: is it really worth the hype?

I have yet to know of another island in the whole world which divides public opinion like Boracay in the Philippines does; some people hate it, other people love it. It is the marmite of the Philippines.

Does it really boast the most beautiful white sands and crystal clear blue sea, putting the likes of Mauritius and Bora Bora to shame? Or it is over-hyped and over-commercialised, full of litter, Mc Donalds and pesky touts? Read on and see.

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Siri Condominium, Chiang Mai

A Comprehensive guide to renting a condo in Chiang Mai, Thailand

If you follow this 5 step guide you should find a lovely condo that you can call home in less than a week. 

You’re living the dream and moving to Chiang Mai. The thought of finding your own comfy condo fills you with excitement. Apart from it’s not that easy. In fact it’s really quite hard. I know, I did it the hard way. Here I share my tips of what you should do, and share with you the rental agents that you should get in touch with to help you, so that you find your dream condo hassle free and in less than a week.

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